The best birthday gifts to send during lockdown (2023)

With Britain living in lockdown at the moment, celebrating a birthday is no mean feat. Thankfully, there are still ways to show your loved ones you're thinking of them with our roundup of the best lockdown

Helping you celebrate from afar and give them something special, these fabulous birthday gift ideas come in all shapes and sizes.

You'll find wine in the mailbox, pampering games, and even virtual experiences for them to make their own perfume.

Whatever your recipient's interests, there's a birthday gift idea for them. our selection ofbig presentsIt can be given to your friend or loved one to make them feel pampered on their special day.

Take a look at the best birthday gifts you can send your friends during these awkward times to let them know you're thinking of them.

PS: Don't forget to plandrinksabout Zoom...


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

plant puzzle

£ 13,95


This giant 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle makes the perfect birthday gift for a friend who loves a challenge. Smartly packaged (in sustainable cardboard), it fits in any regular mailbox and, once assembled, can be framed and hung on the wall as a modern home decor.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Classic book and hot drink mailbox gift

not on main street

22,07 £


A cute birthday gift idea for bookworms, this cute gift will help keep them entertained until we can hang out again. It features a classic reading covered in a uniquely illustrated dust jacket, plus a hot beverage for them to sip on as they delve into the romance.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

premium subscription

£ 17,50


Do you need some positivity? They canenjoy cousindelivered to your door every month! It's packed with smart tips, tricks, and ideas. Enjoy dozens of delicious recipes, great fashion and beauty tips, craft ideas, family tips and much more. Plus, you can choose to get a free Prima pattern with every issue.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Cesta de te with traditional Cornish crema with foamy Prosecco

The best birthday gifts to send during lockdown (4)


£ 32,95

We love, love, love this lockdown birthday gift idea. If you can't invite them to spend the day enjoying afternoon tea at a fancy hotel, why not offer the cream tea experience? With this gift you can choose to be presented in a magnetic gift box, cardboard box or wicker basket. Plus, it comes with bubbles!


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Esquire + BEAST. toilet box

A brilliant birthday gift idea for him during lockdown, the Esquire + BEAST Grooming Box is packed full of men's skin, body, hair and shave beauties. Plus, you'll get £220 worth of merchandise for just £50. If you're looking for a luxurious birthday present that costs less, this men's set is well worth a look.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Happy Birthday Mailbox White Wine

moon pig

£ 20,00


An alcoholic treat that's also unusual, we like this bottle of white wine with a "Congratulations" message as a surprising lockdown birthday gift they'll love to get in their mailbox. It's filled with a sparkling 2019 Spanish Sauvignon Blanc, perfect for toasting with friends over a Zoom birthday call.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Bloom & Wild Vivienne & Trufas

blooming and wild

£ 50,00

£23.00 (54% off)


If it's a big birthday you miss celebrating together, why not send a little luxury with this set from Bloom & Wild? The stunning bouquet features 24 flowers, long-lasting eucalyptus and alstroemeria. It also comes with delicious Charbonnel Champagne truffles to keep them smiling for days.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

GLOSSYBOX Gift Card: the perfect gift for every occasion

shiny box

US$ 16,95


A Glossybox subscription is the ideal birthday gift for young people who are out of ideas. You can select how many months you're willing to pay for (from £16.95) and they can choose which beauty products they'd like to try. They ship in a gift-wrapped box for you to enjoy. If you choose a longer subscription, the products can be changed each time, so you never have to duplicate the same item.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

John Lewis & Partners beer gift bag

juan lewis

£ 20,00


Ideal for beer lovers, this set contains all the birthday boy's needs for a cozy evening with two bottles of craft beer and snacks that would rival your best pub, including cheddar bits, crackling and a chocolate and salted caramel bar. Pubs may not be open yet, but who says you can't recreate them at home.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

birthday gift set

mailbox gifts

There's a little bit of everything in this birthday care package, from chocolate to tea, from lip gloss to birthday candles.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Cottage Delight Classic Delights Basket

juan lewis

£ 35,00


This collection of traditional treats is bursting with flavor and includes pickles, jams and chutneys. It is the perfect gift for food lovers. All you have to do now is set up a Zoom call and pretend you're having afternoon tea somewhere.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Mineral bath infusions gift collection

not on main street

US$ 30,34

$22.00 (27% off)


A collection of infusions blended together to create a spa-quality bathing experience at home. This gift box contains six infusions made with sea salts, minerals, essential oils and botanicals designed to aid relaxation, detoxification and healing. What better gift could there be?


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

BarCraft Cocktail Holder and Toolkit

The best birthday gifts to send during lockdown (13)


£ 32,99

£26.31 (20% off)

A five-piece set that includes all the essentials you need to embrace the art of cocktail making at home. This is the ideal birthday present for anyone who loves a delicious drink, and all the tools can also be used to create mocktails. The sleek steel stand will look great on any beverage cart.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Personalized letterbox basket for coffee lovers

not on main street

US$ 45,44

$32.95 (27% off)


This coffee basket is sure to perk up the birthday boy and provide him with a caffeine fix for at least a few weeks. Contains two packets of Olfactory coffee with buttery biscuits that make the perfect accompaniment.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Birds, Bees and Butterflies Seedbom Gift Box

US$ 25,45


Send a gift and save the world at the same time, more or less! This box is perfect for anyone with green fingers and has four different seedboms, each containing a variety of wildflower seeds. Once planted, they will turn into colorful flowers that will make any garden beautiful. Beebom Pollinator, Urban Bloomer, Butterflybom and Featherbom are designed to provide the best wildflower pollinators that birds, bees, butterflies (and the birthday boy) love!


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Chal Le Marais - Kit Tejer

The best birthday gifts to send during lockdown (16)

we are weavers

£ 75,00

This gift is twofold: on the one hand, you are giving them something to do during the endless hours of confinement. On the other hand, you are offering a spectacular gray shawl, made with sustainable materials. You can't go wrong!


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

Isolation Sensation Chocolate Truffle Making Online Workshop

virgin experience days

£ 15,00


Chocolates are a classic birthday gift idea, but how about giving them the gift of creating their own too? This Virgin Experience Days virtual truffle-making workshop is a live chocolate-making masterclass that teaches you how to make delicious crème fraiche truffles in the comfort of your kitchen. They will discover ganache, piping techniques, flavoring tips and tricks and receive a list of all the ingredients needed to create the candies.


The best lockdown birthday gifts 2021

The M&S Treat Selection gift bag


£ 30,00


It's not just food, it's M&S food. And this is a birthday bag full of all your bestsellers. From Percy Pigs to shortbread cookies, almonds, snacks, chocolate and tea, there's enough to keep the birthday boy fueled up for a whole day's worth of treats.


build your own tea gift box

The best birthday gifts to send during lockdown (19)

bird and mixture



From Bird & Blend, choose five tea blends designed to match your personaliTEA! Pick and mix your own tea gift box for the tea lover in your life. Presented in a luxurious kraft paper box with an embossed gold effect, this bulky gift box doubles as a great keepsake tea box for future use.


Bluetooth karaoke machine with lights

The best birthday gifts to send during lockdown (20)


£ 34,99


For that friend who misses the night out a lot... Give him all the fun of a karaoke party in his own house. This machine comes with lights, voice changer and microphone.

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