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Spring is coming - and with it finally the opportunity to plan great short trips in good weather. And what city is more suitable for that than our capital? Here you can discover everything - art, culture, night clubs, the best food and much more. Why not make the trip even more diverse this time and include unique sports activities? Add variety and fun to your trip and discover the coolest sports activities in Berlin with the Urban Sports Club. Also check out our guide to the tastiest food and must-see sights and insider tips in Berlin.

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Our city tour starts in Mitte – probably the most touristic part of Berlin. But don't worry, even here we have some off-the-beaten-track highlights that will take you away from the hustle and bustle. But before you start with the delicacies, it's time to get physically active!

Tackle a tough workout on BEAT81

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SBEAT81, you will experience high-intensity group training. Motivational trainers will cheer you on as you do your best during a 45-minute functional training session. Your heart rate is measured and displayed on the screen, so you can always monitor it and train in your optimal frequency range. You can even see the results online afterwards, and we promise you one thing: the food tastes even better when you win it.

Detour to Mexican-California cuisine

A few minutes' walk from BEAT81, the married couple Anna and Ferdi from Berlin invite you to their beautifully decorated restaurant. Burritos, tacos and salads -Trumpethe knows what is good. Cool thing? You can combine everything you want from fresh ingredients and enjoy. In the modern atmosphere of the restaurant, you will surely recharge your energy after exercising. Another thing worth doing after dinner: a short trip to the Gendarmenmarkt. It is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. There you will find the Schauspielhaus and the German and French cathedrals.

Experience the old border crossing firsthand

Checkpoint Charlie is a former border crossing between Germany. It connected the eastern district of Mitte with the western district of Kreuzberg and is only a few minutes' walk from Chupeng. Today, there is a replica of the border crossing here. After that, it's worth a walk along Friedrichstraße.

U JOHN & JANE'S POWERBASE moto je "Burn harder"

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You're not full yet and want even more adrenaline for your body? After that, we recommend a further walk on Museum Island. The most effective training in Berlin awaits you at the bootcamp. In a 60-minute HIIT exercise, you will burn up to 1000 calories and feel great after exercise-satisfaction. What are you waiting for?

Dine in the urban atmosphere of The Reed

After a sweaty workout, you can fall straight into one of the comfortable chairs inCaneand have a snack in an exclusive atmosphere. The elegantly decorated restaurant places a strong emphasis on sustainability and local produce. It's just what will help you regain your strength.

Enjoy the view on the TV towel and from itr

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The landmark that probably everyone immediately associates with the city of Berlin is the TV tower. The 250 meter high tower juts out between the buildings and is an impressive sight even from the perspective of the ground. From the top, the view of the city is simply amazing! But not only from there: you can enjoy an equally beautiful panorama with a drink from the Park Inn, right next to you. Just a few meters away is the preserved Nikolai quarter. Berlin's oldest residential district was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, but was completely rebuilt in 1980. With small cafes and shops, the district invites you to stroll.


Our city tour continues – now through Neukölln. Here you can travel the world in terms of taste on a budget. We promise that you will never get tired of good hummus and delicious falafel. But even here they say: It's better after sports. So start your tour sporty and active.

To the boulder, ready, go

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TheBouldergartengives you plenty of room to blow off steam across 2,300 square meters and three levels – whether you're alonestarting with boulderingor they are already a little more advanced. The climbing walls are 12 meters high, and there is a separate marching section next to them. Here, the owners put a lot of passion into turning the tracks and creating a great feel with a modern interior. In addition, bouldering is a perfect way to get active together. So why not grab your gym buddy and go grab a bite to eat afterwards?

Can you resist these burgers?

What's better after bouldering than a juicy hamburgerberlin international burger? This little burger joint is always busy - and rightfully so. Because the delicious creations are really irresistible and something very special.

And since we promised you the best hummus,...

…we don't want to deny youAzzam. So, if you are in the mood for Lebanese cuisine, here you can try oriental cuisine.

Walk around the corner of three countries

After filling your stomach, the digestive walk comes at the right time. It is not far from there to Dreiländer-Eck. Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Treptow meet here and invite you to walk and lie in the sun, especially when the weather is nice.

A feast with a view of the city

TheKlunkerkranichis the address for an excellent rooftop location. On the roof of the shopping center you have an amazing view of Berlin that evokes a feeling of happiness, especially in the afternoon sun. ANDCanteen for a fat finchemphasizes the atmosphere with culinary delights. Seasonal dishes are served here during the day. Here you can enjoy from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

Get to know half of Berlin at the old airport

As soon as the sun rises, many Berliners gather at Tempelhofer Feld to barbecue, sunbathe or play sports on the huge runway of the former Berlin airport. The area is mostly covered with grass, so the meadows are inviting for a picnic. If you're more in the mood for exercise, you can rent a bike, explore the area by bike, watch a windsurfer training or fly a kite yourself. Urban Sports Club partners offer courses there on warmer days – from bootcamp to yoga and dance.


For now, our city tour ends in one of the trendiest districts: Kreuzberg. You can't get enough of cute cafes, restaurants and green spaces here. But before you retire to one of the restaurants, start with a bang!

Exercise in the heart of Berlin

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ForBlack sheep Athletics, the foundation of health and self-confidence is threefold: intense exercise, good food and stress management. That's why the studio offers various courses: from CrossFit® to yoga and altitude training to Krav Maga. Here you will surely find a course that you like.

Fall in love with Asian fusion

After exercising, you earned more.Umamidelicious curries and soups will make your heart beat faster. Everything prepared from fresh organic ingredients and served in a warm atmosphere. Here, creativity meets tradition, and the result is delicious creations.

A hidden green gem in the center of Berlin

Kreuzberg is located in the park Viktoriapark, which is very walkable. With its bubbling waterfall, here you can relax in the greenery from the city noise and experience a piece of nature that completes your stay in Berlin. The park also offers the perfect place to enjoy the sunset at the highest point in the center of Berlin.

With our sports, culinary and cultural tips, you get a little insight into the style of the capital and have the desire to visit Berlin soon or to rediscover it.

Do you have any more exciting tips? Maybe for some other parts of Berlin? We await your suggestions in the comments!


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